TTGM News & Hot Deals


  • Jan. 28, 2016
    A big promotion on the INVENTORY of Brand new seamless CASING and TUBING in Ecuador!
  • March 2016
    Offshore Technology Conference 2016, 2-5 May. Booth number: 9339, Place: NRG Arena. Welcome to visit us!
  • April, 2016
    SINOPEC SERVICE ECUADOR has awarded TTGM the contract of casing, tubing and all related services for the ITT project on a JUST-IN-TIME basis.

TTGM Hot Deals
Product Specification Quantity Location Price
CASING 20" OD, SEAMLESS, 94PPF, K-55, BTC, R-3, PSL-2 254 JT ECUADOR Call us!
CASING 13-3/8" OD, SEAMLESS, 68PPF, K-55, BTC, R-3, PSL-2 584 JT ECUADOR Call us!
CASING 9-5/8" OD, SEAMLESS, 47PPF, N-80, BTC, R-3, PSL-2 660 JT ECUADOR Call us!
CASING 7" OD, SEAMLESS, 26PPF, P-110, BTC, R-3, PSL-2 187 JT ECUADOR Call us!
TUBING 3-1/2" OD, 9.3PPF, L-80, EUE, PSL-2 2,550 JT ECUADOR Call us!